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Mane Biotech: Solving hair loss with regenerative medicine

Read the article written by Dr. Samuel Jellard, co-founder of Mane Biotech, for Barclay's Eagle Labs.

"In common hair loss a hormonal imbalance in the body leads to the inactivation of normal hair growth, leading to hair follicle shrinkage and eventually hair loss. Mane Biotech is developing technology which overrides this hormonal imbalance using precise, non-invasive stimuli, to kick start hair growth back to normal."

Congratulations to our partners neoplas tools

Dr. Angela Merkel as a guest at the medical technology company neoplas tools GmbH - a member of the SilverSky Lifesciences GmBH  - member of the ZIM network Regenerative Medicine 

Dr. Angela Merkel as a guest at the medical technology company neoplas tools GmbH neoplas tools GmbH, a company that develops plasma medicine products for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds as well as pathogen-related skin diseases, today announced that Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, visited the company on 4 February 2020 following the laying of the foundation stone for the new Centre for Life Science and Plasma Technology in her Bundestag election district. The plasmajet kINPen® MED atmospheric pressure – the world's first approved jet for the use of tissue-compatible cold plasma in medicine – is based on the currently best validated technology in the field of medical cold plasma. The company presented to Dr. Merkel about the progress it has made since her last visit in 2016. She was impressed by the more than 250 international publications that prove the effectiveness of cold plasma as well as by the successful international marketing of the innovative kINPen® MED.

For more information, please visit www.neoplas-tools.eu


Smart Bar Camp (POSTPONED!)

POSTPONED! For your safety we have no choice but to postpone our bar camp. Please stay tune for the updates.


Smart Bar Camp = Over 20 session discussions + over 50 partipants + networking + keynote talk + evening reception

  • Date 14.05.20
  • Time 09: 00-17: 00 and Evening reception (part of Düsseldorf startup week)
  • Venue: House of the Elector, Düsseldorf
  • Cost: free
  • Participants: 50 researchers, technology transfer offices, entrepreneurs and investors across Germany, to engage in discussions for the future solution for regenerative medicine, wound management and other life science topics.
  • Bar camp explanation


(photo credit: Product School)

Kick-off day

  • First meeting of "Smart solutions for regenerative medicine" network!
  • 05 Sept 2019
  • SilverSky Lifesciences office: Brunnenstrasse 23
    40223 Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Introduction of network/ Get to know each other/ team building/ Invited speaker seminar on wound healing/ funding workshop